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“As a family in the diaspora, we have been trying hard to secure a property in Ghana which will match our exotic taste and offer value for money for years. Many agents have sold to us lands and properties that were all fake leading to loss of huge sums of money.”

“We toured many Real Estate Companies in Ghana including the very prominent ones. Some of the prominent ones offered very comparable mansions and exotic taste but the value of their properties was ridiculously expensive compared to houses even in the U.S.A”

“Fortunately, a friend introduced us to elegant homes and it was a very big blessing. The management accommodated all our demands and built an amazing home that makes our upscale community home in the USA a joke. The finishing and lighting system is outstanding, the landscape is beautiful, and the house is a real Elegant one.&rdstyle="color:black;font-weight: bolder"quo;

The management has an impeccable integrity and very transparent. They are really the go to guys if you want superior quality at a very affordable cost. If you want to build or buy a house in Ghana, please make sure you visit Elegant Homes first before making any commitment to any Real Estate Company in Ghana.

Keep up the excellent job.

Sam and Rosa (Ohio-USA)

“My family procured a beautiful property in Elegant Court. The reason for choosing this property among other competitors include the neat finishing, quality building materials used, home designed to suite my taste, it’s spacious and tasteful. The house is simply picturesque and breathtakingly beautiful. If security and a quiet neighborhood is on top of your list, then Elegant Court is your best choice. The Elegant Courts Management are pleasant and professional to deal with. They listened to me and addressed all my concerns. ”

I found them truthful and committed to every project. In view of how satisfied I am with Elegant Homes, I recommended them to three friends who have purchased homes at Elegant Courts. I recommend Elegant Courts to prospective home buyers.

Dr & Mrs Edith Poku Chicago-USA

“Great jobs you guys are doing helping those of us abroad with genuine properties and great services. I am sure lots of people can tell of their monies that have been locked up through people purporting to help with buildings but at least with Elegant Homes I know I pay my money and I am assured of my property.”

I spent 3 (Three great weeks in my house at Elegant Courts, Katamanso. Peaceful environment, round the clock security. Service management was great, and they responded swiftly to my needs.

Staff were friendly and professional. Thanks to Elegant Courts I had a wonderful stay in my home. I sincerely recommend Elegant Courts, Katamanso to all who are seeking to purchase their dream home in a serene environment.

George Norteye London

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